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Logo Fungi: Typed incremental computation with names Travis

Fungi is a Rust-based DSL that offers a typed functional language for incremental computation with names.

Example programs in Fungi

Fungi Developer Resources:


(See also: Fungi technical report)

Fungi is a typed functional language for incremental computation with names.

Incremental computations attempt to exploit input similarities over time, reusing work that is unaffected by input changes. To maximize this reuse in a general-purpose programming setting, programmers need a mechanism to identify dynamic allocations (of data and subcomputations) that correspond over time. Fungi offers a notion of names, which is formal, general, and statically verifiable.

Fungi's type-and-effect system permits the programmer to encode (program-specific) local invariants about names, and to use these invariants to establish global uniqueness for their composed programs, the property of using names correctly. We prove (on paper) that well-typed Fungi programs respect global uniqueness. We implement Fungi in Rust, as a "deeply-embedded" language, including Fungi's bidirectional type system and incremental evaluation semantics.

Related Projects:

  • Adapton provides the semantic foundation for Fungi's approach to incremental computation.
  • IODyn is an implicitly-incremental language, targetting Fungi via a type-directed translation