A bible for Unity3D users with sqlite functionality, includes the WEB translation
Latest commit 2079f67 Dec 3, 2016 @AdbC99 Fixed a number of bugs. Firstly tested on android and fixed some bugs…
… there, then fixed a bug that caused the code to regtrieve the wrong verse when a specific verse was requested



Unity3D and many open sources licenses are fundamentally incompatible in all but the simplest use cases and therefore many offline bible repositories are not usable in Unity3D. An MIT licensed bible repository is required. The bible source itself is the World English Bible which is copyright free, all other components come from MIT or less restrictive licensed sources.

This software is completely free and hopefully will be used in both commercial and free computer games and applications that need to deliver the bible without the complication of extensive copyright research and licensing aspects of the bible.

The World English Bible has been parsed into an sqlite database which is shipped in the repository. Alongside that there is a simple save game database to show you how you can use the same sqlite functionality to add the ability to save data.


This code draws from 4 sources:

UnityBible written by Alistair de B Clarkson SQLite4Unity3d written by Roberto Huertas sqlite-net by Kruger Systems, Inc World English Bible which is copyright free


This version of the code has been tested on OSX; however it should work on iOS/Windows/Android and Mac

Getting Started

Open the project in Unity3D, and open the scene BibleAccessDemo and you should see a banner area with further instructions. When it comes to looking at the code then BibleAccessAPI.cs should be your first stop.


The software is distributed freely in order to assist with to creation of biblical technology and I would love to hear about your ideas and projects you are working on. Due to the free nature of this software though: I hope you will accept that I am limited in how much support I can provide freely.