Debug only version

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  • This simplified implementation provides the debug screens for desktop and mobile devices.
  • To enable it, in your browser add    ?adcase.debug=true to any url. This will show the blue "ads" button, only for you.
  • ?adcase.debug=false to turn it off.
  • Enabling this feature will not add any overhead to your website. Debug screen will only be loaded for users that set the adcase.debug url parameter. Regular users will not be affected.

Implementation instructions:


<script async='async' src=''></script>


var adcase = { src: "" };
if(   localStorage.getItem("adcase.debug") 
   || document.location.href.indexOf("adcase.debug=true")>0 )  {
adcase.s = document.createElement("script");
adcase.s.async = true;
adcase.s.src = adcase.src;


Support and new ideas:

  • Open a Github issue, we'll do our best to solve your request asap.
  • Please remember is given for free as is, with no contractual support. As it is not a Google product, it has no Google official support.


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