Update Log

Guille Filipich edited this page Jun 18, 2018 · 12 revisions


  • shorten [CLOSE] default message for expanding push creatives


  • adstest=anyValue&save=0 // one time adstest, not saved in localStorage


  • internal backup process to ensure better expanding push setup
  • added slot level key values


  • fix issue where in some situations key-values in debug screen did not appear


  • add ads.debugKey support for a layer of security on debug screen


  • add ITT fullscreen video feature for native video


  • js fix in debug-only.js (please comment if you are using this version)

Adcase.js library update 2.1.50

  • extreme version (no tags in page)
  • add debug-only version

Adcase.js library update 2.1.49

  • Support for #120 joining-divs
  • Support for #121 expand-to-video
  • Support for #122 parallax

Creative Formats

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