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Lisa Is Super Awesome (LISA) is an application made to track "things" between friends/a group of people who trust each other. It offers a simple, informal and trust-based system to let users tally on each other. Although the system is designed with a non-exploitative user base in mind are all actions related to a user still completely transparent, as each user can see on whom they tallied and who tallied on their tap.

Many use-cases can be imagined, in general LISA gives each user an integer sized balance which each user can subtract from on a one-by-one basis. Imagined use cases include collectively buying goods and keeping track of whom used what.

Getting started

  1. Download a copy/make a clone/make a fork of the project and move it to a folder in your web server.
  2. Rename/duplicate config.php-setup, database.php-setup and email.php-config to config.php, database.php and email.php respectively, these files can be found in application/config/.
  3. Edit these config files to match your system. Most important is:
    • Add your hostname.
    • Enter the settings of your database.
  4. Navigate to YOUR_HOSTNAME/index.php/Install to initialize the database.


  • PHP 7.1 with the mysqli extension enabled.
  • MySQL database


This project is released under the MIT license, except for all other sources which are included. For these their own licence will still be in place. Projects included are:



Currently, the language used by the application is hard-coded into Handler.php, for future releases it is planned to move configurations like these into the database. For now, one should edit hard-coded language or substitute all language files in the nederlands language folder with your language of preference. During development I tried to add translations for both English and Dutch, so the English translation files should be complete.