Plugin suite for BungeeCord
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geSuit - Bungeecord plugin

Plugin suite for BungeeCord


Clone this repo, cd into it and run

mvn package

The jar file will be inside the target folder


Builds for this plugin may be found here, or you can compile it yourself

####1.13 The 1.0 Version is targetted for 1.13 servers please use 0.9.x builds for 1.12

Requires Yamler version 2.4 and a MySQL server

  • Place geSuit.jar (and Yamler) inside your bungee's plugins/ folder, and restart BungeeCord.
  • Fill in your MySQL server's information in config.yml (inside the geSuit/ folder)
  • Configure anything else you want in the files in the geSuit/ folder
  • Give the players permission to use the commands
  • Done!

Additional features:

The following Bukkit / Spigot plugins are optional, and require the base geSuit to function.

Additonal geSuit supports the use of

  • BStats - this reports plugin usage so developers have an idea of usage
  • DripReporterApi - this reports server health metrics in a very low impact method a number of methods of reporting those metrics. It requires you to install

Integration Tests:


  • Mysql server - with a user:root password:password and a db:gesuit.