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*** To be a real C Xlib replacement
* High-level functions: currently, there are mostly methods which
directly correspond to X requests. There should be some simpler
functions (e.g. Window.resize_window() in addition to
Window.configure(), Drawable.rectangle() in addition to
Drawable.poly_rectangle(), etc), and possibly also compound
functions (e.g. create_pixmap_from_image() which would load an image
file and create a pixmap of it).
* Events: advanced event queue handling, e.g. filtering out events,
only process events for a certain window, etc.
* Extensions: as many extensions as possible should be implemented.
*** Miscellaneous
* Faster, faster! The protocol engine isn't very fast, despite the
optimizations in version 0.7. I've started on this, but it is a big
* The tread support and the protocol engine needs to be stress
tested. They _seem_ to work, but that's no guarantee.
* Much more documentation.
* Test suite: a test suite which exercises the entire library would
definitely be a nice thing to have. A start has been made for this,
testing the protocol definitions.
* Porting: the library should be runnable wherever there is a Python
interpreter (with the necessary IPC support, that is.)
* Widget set: a Python-optimized widget set using the X library would
be really cute. The AnyGUI project could be a good front-end to
* Server-side support: while we're at it, why not extend the library
to provide at least the server-side parsing of the X protocol? It
could be usable for writing X proxies, or for that matter, a
complete X server in Python (this might be a little too spaced-out,
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