Python project that acts as a API for a Smarter Coffee. Could easily be wrapped in a web service.
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Python script that acts as an Unofficial API for a Smarter Coffee machine -

Designed to be used on a RaspberryPi, but could be run on anything with python, and easily be wrapped in a web service to act as a REST API.

Basic installation guide:

Methods: a string passed as the only parameter.

  • "reset" - resets the machine to default settings. Useful to test with and saves your beans.
  • "brew" - Starts brewing with current settings. It'll respond with success, or the appropriate error message.

Response: JSON - { code:String, success:Boolean, message:String }


  • Clone the repo to your machine
  • Edit the IP address to that of your Smarter Coffee machine
  • Call from the command line e.g. $python brew


  • Very early version - v0.1


  • Add more error checking
  • Add more methods (cup size, brew strength etc)
  • Document example of how to wrap as a web service.