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// RSSFeed.swift
// AlamofireRSSParser
// Created by Donald Angelillo on 3/1/16.
// Copyright © 2016 Donald Angelillo. All rights reserved.
import Foundation
RSS gets deserialized into an instance of `RSSFeed`. Top-level RSS elements are housed here.
Item-level elements are deserialized into `RSSItem` objects and stored in the `items` property.
open class RSSFeed: CustomStringConvertible {
open var title: String? = nil
open var link: String? = nil
open var feedDescription: String? = nil
open var pubDate: Date? = nil
open var lastBuildDate: Date? = nil
open var language: String? = nil
open var copyright: String? = nil
open var managingEditor: String? = nil
open var webMaster: String? = nil
open var generator: String? = nil
open var docs: String? = nil
open var ttl: NSNumber? = nil
open var items: [RSSItem] = Array()
open var description: String {
return "title: \(String(describing: self.title))\nfeedDescription: \(String(describing: self.feedDescription))\nlink: \(String(describing:\npubDate: \(String(describing: self.pubDate))\nlastBuildDate: \(String(describing: self.lastBuildDate))\nlanguage: \(String(describing: self.language))\ncopyright: \(String(describing: self.copyright))\nmanagingEditor: \(String(describing: self.managingEditor))\nwebMaster: \(String(describing: self.webMaster))\ngenerator: \(String(describing: self.generator))\ndocs: \(String(describing:\nttl: \(String(describing: self.ttl))\nitems: \n\(self.items)"