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AdGuard Extra is designed to solve complicated cases when regular ad blocking rules aren't enough.
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AdGuard Extra userscript

AdGuard Extra is a userscript that is supposed to fight ad blocking circumvention attempts which become more and more and popular. Regular ad blocking rules do not allow us being as flexible as it's necessary, that's why AdGuard Extra was developed.

AdGuard Extra comes pre-installed with all premium AdGuard versions. However, if you want to use it alongside AdGuard browser extension, you'll need to use an additional extension.

How to install AdGuard Extra

  1. Install Tampermonkey
  2. Open Settings, switch mode to "Advanced"
  3. Scroll settings page down and find "Inject Mode" there
  4. Change it to "Instant"
  5. Click on this link to install AdGuard Extra:
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