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Year 2018 is nearing its end ended. And the closer it gets, the more urge we feel to make some last-minute fixes. So, here is another hotfix for AdGuard for Safari, just random minor-ish stuff really, but it just doesn’t feel right to go into the new year with unfixed bugs at hand 🙂 Enjoy AdGuard and happy New Year!

[Fixed] Custom filter can't be removed #109
[Fixed] Preference pane is blank #108
[Fixed] Settings are reset on exit #107
[Fixed] ⌘W doesn't close the settings window #112
[Fixed] Forced switching to dedicated video card #110
[Changed] Localizations have been updated

UPD: the app review took more time than we anticipated when writing the release notes 🙂

@zzebrum zzebrum released this Dec 20, 2018

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🌲 This update comes shortly after the previous one, so not too many changes here: Menu Bar icon was made optional, some quality of life changes were introduced.

[Changed] Menu Bar icon is now optional #84

In the previous update we made the Safari icon optional; it was only logical to make the Menu Bar one optional too. You can even disable them both if you want to go full minimalistic 🙂 You'll find this option in AdGuard preferences in case you want to hide it. ❄️

  • [Added] “Pause AdGuard"/ "Enable AdGuard" option to extension menu #83
  • [Fixed] “Allow search ads...” option is not greyed out despite being disabled #102
  • [Fixed] Rules pasted from the clipboard are not saved in Filter editor #96
  • [Fixed] User filter is marked as “Saved" when the app is just started #95
  • [Improved] Dropdown style #94
  • [Improved] Localizations have been updated #97
  • [Improved] Scriptlets and snippets are now ignored properly #92
  • [Improved] Filter are now automatically updated after you enable them #89

@zzebrum zzebrum released this Dec 6, 2018 · 71 commits to master since this release

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🎉 Safari extension is the newest addition to the AdGuard family, all the more important is its first real update. Some of the most pressing issues have been addressed here, making the app much more pleasant in use. Also, new localizations were added: check if your mother tongue is among them :)

[Changed] The use of Safari icon is not forced anymore #78

As it is historically with AdGuard extensions, the extension icon itself serves as a menu, providing such options as manual blocking of any element, reporting websites and adding domains to the whitelist. While we think that having access to all these features right from the web page is very handy, apparently many users don't like seeing the extension icon in browser. From now on, you can simply disable the icon via the Safari preferences (it can be brought back the same way, of course).

  • [Added] Several new localizations #88
  • [Added] New setting for filters update period #77
  • [Changed] "About" page #79
  • [Fixed] German translation bug #81
  • [Fixed] Validation for imported files #82
  • [Fixed] "Launch at login" setting can’t be disabled #69
  • [Fixed] Typos #87
  • [Improved] User filter and Whitelist editor have been enhanced #72

@zzebrum zzebrum released this Nov 7, 2018 · 71 commits to master since this release

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Hi everyone!

🎈We are glad to present the new open source AdGuard for Safari extension! You can already download and install it from Mac AppStore as a regular user :) or build it by yourself.

You can leave your comments, suggestions and share encountered bugs on our bug tracker.

The full review article is on our blog.