2.6.1 Beta

@Mizzick Mizzick released this Apr 19, 2017 · 4 commits to master since this release

The first beta after the full hard refactoring.



The most important changes in this beta take place in Firefox version. First of all, FF have finally released the WebExtensions technology which allowed us to completely revamp the extension code. It now greatly resebmles the code for Chrome extension, which makes it much easier for further development among other advantages. A lot of other improvements have been done, too.

[Improved] FF extension migrated to WebExtensions #523
[Improved] "Require" calls were got rid of #367
[Improved] SDK is not being used anymore #151
[Improved] -moz-binding approach was got rid of #463


We had been waiting for this for a long time, it took a lot of time but now the code is much more simple and convenient to work with.

[Improved] Global variables were got rid of #451
[Improved] Tabs API #374

Build process

The builds themselves are now available directly on GitHub, all the updates will be stored here. The build names are now more clear and understandable.

[Changed] The build process for v2.6 #600
[Changed] The build process was changed so that all Adguard's code is encapsulated into a reusable API #454

All issues fixed in this build:


[Added] $empty modifier #280
[Added] Adguard French filter #612
[Changed] '2016' to '2017' #519
[Changed] filterlists.com were added to possible filters sources #544
[Changed] Filtering log performance #403
[Fixed] Rule constructor can't create a rule with [onclick] attribute which contains a big script #469
[Fixed] Rule constructor works incorrectly with TD tag #483
[Fixed] Regular expressions with $ aren't processed properly #517
[Fixed] Error while parsing rules with $replace modifier #559
[Fixed] Error while parsing wide filtering rules #556
[Fixed] Basic URL rule, which contains domain name, blocks WS #528
[Fixed] Blocked blob: URLs #525
[Fixed] Errors while parsing CSS rules #617
[Fixed] Sustainability to the LastPass vulnerability #625
[Fixed] Huge user filter slows down the 'options' page loading #641
[Fixed] Browsing security doesn't work #580
[Fixed] Error parsing pseudo class #576
[Improved] WebRTC circumvention #588
[Improved] Separate loading of the cosmetic filters and JS filters #512

Firefox - other

[Fixed] Integration mode #607
[Fixed] Possible error with generichide implementation #574


[Fixed] chrome.webRequest.onBeforeRequest now intercepts WebSocket #572


[Fixed] Edge Storage size limit issue #566
[Fixed] Russian localization #538
[Fixed] Error on start/adding/removing filter subscription #627
[Fixed] Browsing security - "Proceed anyway" issue #628
[Improved] CSP fix is now applied for newer Edge versions (Insider Preview) #602


[Fixed] $websocket modifier works incorrectly in Safari #597
[Fixed] Possible websockets blocking issue #586
[Fixed] $elemhide exceptions also affect basic rules #642
[Fixed] User filter rules are being imported from .txt together with comments #584
[Fixed] Browsing security error #583

How to install Beta version


Firefox (version 51 or newer)


Important note: beta version of Adguard extension is updated from our server. In Safari 9+ such updates cannot be applied automatically, you should check "Safari" -> "Extensions" from time to time.


2.5.17 Firefox Hotfix

@ameshkov ameshkov released this Feb 21, 2017 · 125 commits to master since this release

Minor hotfix: contains necessary changes to pass the AMO review: #554

Also one more bug specific to Firefox was fixed in this version: #561



@atropnikov atropnikov released this Feb 9, 2017 · 269 commits to master since this release

[Fixed] MS Edge crash due to DOM changes in the browser action popup #551