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@zebrum zebrum released this Aug 28, 2018 · 1664 commits to master since this release

This update adds several minor-ish (although filter enthusiasts will argue) features to the Filtering Log and improves ad blocking quality. You'll find an array of bug fixes, as usual.

[Added] Element hiding rules highlighting #1053


Applied element hiding rules are now highlighted with yellow color in the Filtering Log. This will greatly help parse log entries. We don't need to prove it to you if you are actively using it :)

[Added] Wildcard character support in rules with domain modifier #571

Again, another treat for filtering rules creators. Previously you had to list domains old-fashioned way:, etc, and now you can simply use example.* syntax.

[Improved] Scripts are injected faster #1029

To efficiently block ads on the page we need a way to reliably inject our scripts before the in-page scripts are executed. A set of measures has been taken to ensure this. While there is still no 100% guarantee, the success chance has increased considerably — along with ad blocking quality.


[Added] "Public suffix list" automatic update #1010
[Added] Display applied element hiding and CSS rules in Filtering log #830
[Added] "Filter" column to the Filtering log #863
[Added] Pre-processor directives for filters #917
[Fixed] Error in event handler for webRequest.onBeforeRequest #1015
[Fixed] Unnecessary "Cannot create rule from filter" error entries in the browser console while in integration mode #1016
[Fixed] Whitelist is not applied for requests sent from within a service worker #1032
[Fixed] Wrong filters sort order #1028
[Fixed] Text box is not editable in the "Block element" window #331
[Fixed] Incorrect layout for filter name #1050
[Fixed] High CPU usage because of searching hidden elements #1067
[Fixed] Underscore character is not displayed on Linux #393
[Fixed] Some Extended CSS rules are not working because of regex issues in content attribute #1079
[Fixed] Rules containing 'content' substring are not working correctly while Filtering log window is open #1080
[Improved] Browser extension build process has been optimized #991
[Improved] Filters-downloader module has been upgraded to v1.0.5 #1051


[Fixed] ext-CSS does not always get applied #1009
[Fixed] Some sites are broken by $$ rules in Firefox Quantum #1001
[Fixed] Element hiding rules don't work in frames by playbuzz #1046
[Fixed] JS rules don't work on #1004
[Fixed] Ineffective issue #1006
[Fixed] $replace rule does not get applied #1038
[Fixed] FF for Android: If you click on "AdGuard settings" nothing happens #1034


[Fixed] WebSocket requests are not visible #1014


[Fixed] "Activate the most appropriate filters automatically" doesn't work #997

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