Change the way Adguard checks domain with browsing security web service. #162

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We now send domain and ip to the backend server to check it against our phishing/malware database. This is wrong and may look suspicious for user that domain name is sent in plain text.

Instead we should use a one-way hash to do the check (like SHA256). Thus user will be sure that we don't see the real domain names and thus we can't use that data in any way.

Checking against browsing security web service

Extract most significant parts of that host (in fact just extract subdomains and concatenate for '/') AND ip address.
Calculate SHA256 hashes for both domains:   ->   6372934A1C222E79F9C6B60833C24C0CBF63FFF53BF2C8CDC874C4F3BEFE2B3A           ->   C9529394138C895A50E70E537673B48A7BA0ED6D7BDC2CFC0BB205AA3B7BEDBE           ->  719AEECD10F94270B6D21C837150D8DCA8BD7D55C8065AD40094052165DECC38
Get prefixes (substring length=8)    ->    6372934A                  ->     C9529394                   ->    719AEECD
Send these prefixes to the backend server (separate with "/")
GET /safebrowsing-lookup-hash.html?prefixes=6372934A/C9529394/719AEECD
Response will contain list of all hashes found, list name and a chunk id



If nothing found server will return empty response 204 No Content.

Check if any of returned full hashes match any of your hashes.

Real life example

  1. Check
  2. Extract hashes and prefixes
  3. Request:
  4. Response matches one of significant host parts:
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Change the way Adguard checks domain with browsing security web service. #50

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Implemented in Android

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