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@aspasskaya aspasskaya released this May 28, 2019 · 23 commits to master since this release

Disclaimer: AdGuard for Android is not an open source project. We use Github as an open bug tracker for users to see what developers are working on.

This is the first real beta after the last AdGuard for Android release. As you will see, there are a lot of UI changes to improve user experience. All known crashes have been addressed to, so the app should be more stable after the update.

Ad blocking

  • [Changed] Opera Touch has been added to the browsers list #2691
  • [Fixed] HTTPS Filtering is unavailable on some devices #2736


  • [Fixed] AG breaks captive portals authentication #2713
  • [Improved] DNS-related functionality has been updated #2749
  • [Improved] Optimised interaction with Magisk v.19.0 #2679


  • [Added] "Export the license information" flag when exporting settings #2622
  • [Added] "Modified requests" filter to filtering log #2623
  • [Added] A confirmation dialog when exiting AdGuard #2566
  • [Added] An option to download updates manually #2299
  • [Added] An option to run the onboarding tool for the second time #2562
  • [Added] Attention bar on the main screen if no filters are enabled #2609
  • [Added] Icons to switchbars #2610
  • [Changed] "Filters auto-update period" setting is now grayed out when filters auto-update is disabled #2593
  • [Changed] Battery usage chart draw style has been changed #2669
  • [Changed] Localizations have been updated #2725
  • [Changed] More information about events is shown now by default in filtering log #2564
  • [Changed] New UI for landscape orientation #2335
  • [Changed] The descriptions for Stealth Mode options have been updated #2660
  • [Fixed] An issue with screen rotation #2721
  • [Fixed] Inconsistency with context menu position on the Proxy settings screen #2641
  • [Fixed] Incorrect display of letters on the App management screen #2619
  • [Fixed] Last selected statistics date range does not persist #2516
  • [Fixed] Logs for exporting have been stripped of identifying information #2639
  • [Fixed] Occasionally stats for ads blocked are not shown correctly #2627
  • [Fixed] Splash screen is white when dark theme is enabled #2657
  • [Fixed] System language detection fails in some cases #2684
  • [Fixed] UI corrections on the main screen #2617
  • [Fixed] UI does not support Android TV #2611
  • [Fixed] Widget 1x1 is missing on some devices #2666
  • [Improved] First launch VPN description has been improved #2640
  • [Improved] Multiple Filtering log improvements #2638
  • [Improved] Separators have been added to statistics for better readability #2630
  • [Improved] UI has been made more friendly towards color-blind people #2637


  • [Changed] The suggested battery capacity value for Huawei devices has been changed #2587
  • [Fixed] AdGuard crashes when you create rules from the filtering log #2737
  • [Fixed] AdGuard crtashes when you import settings #2687
  • [Fixed] AdGuard doesn't recognize the SSL certificate #2675
  • [Fixed] Background activity will be blocked in future Q builds #2629
  • [Fixed] Compatibility problems
  • [Fixed] Crash in the Apps Management settings #2308
  • [Fixed] Protection turns on after app restart #2491
  • [Improved] CoreLibs has been updated
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