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There was this task where it was suggested to add Steam to filtered apps: #1230

I'd say that very few people use Steam as a browser and it doesn't justify adding it to filtered apps list, because otherwise there is simply nothing to block.

Other people argue that when you download anything on Steam or play online games, Adguard takes up up to 10% of CPU, which is not great.

Original thread:

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@ameshkov what are your thoughts on this?


Hmm i use it as filtered, mainly to get my userscripts to work in the client but i dont think it needs to be there by default

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ameshkov commented Jan 1, 2017

This is a mistake to filter ALL steam executables.

@adbuker For what reason it was done?

It was explicitly mentioned that we should filter "steamwebhelper.exe" only.

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oops, it's my mistake, corrected in ADWIN-CR-102

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dyingjedi commented Feb 21, 2017 edited

"I surf the internet in steam overlay and absolutely want it to protect the in steam web browser experience! Please is this an optional choice for users? will we be able to keep it filtering the whole steam client app? Also like @Bluscream mentioned already i too use the extension functions in adgaurd proxy mode to use for all websites etc.. like & etc.. Working on an extension ES chrome conversion to java scripts see es community in steam."

this really bugs me i'm coming to this conversation too late! but i'm pissed i want steam everything to be protected by adguard to obliterate those apps that are aggregating and doing illegal collection of your personal data from my steam clients and my pc apps etc without my knowledge which i know non of you care about your personal info etc or maybe you're just naive to think that steam does not violate you. You're wrong to think they don't! they collect what apps you have installed etc. and Adguards purpose is also to stop this from happening & to improve your user experience etc.

I run a dedicated computer just for Adguards proxy ability and direct my main pc to cruise through that dedicated pc in my lan setup then to access the internet protected. then the processing power is coming from a standalone pc never touching my gaming experience etc.

So why not all you folks complaining use adguard true ability and power creating ignore lists instead HELLO PEOPLE! WAKE UP! please ridiculous you all game put more brain power in real world concerns too! and GAME ON!

Justin Cram

adbuker commented Feb 21, 2017

Hello, @dyingjedi!
As you can see above we have disabled default filtering only for Steam.exe and SteamService.exe applications, so for main "surfing" process - Steamwebhelper.exe filtering by default is still enabled. As for proxy-mode, this issue is irrelevant to it

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