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@vozersky vozersky released this Oct 5, 2017 · 52 commits to master since this release

Disclaimer Adguard for Windows is not an open source project. We use Github as an open bug tracker for users to see what developers are working on.

This beta version has a strong emphasis on extensions handling. Besides the re-introduction of AdGuard PopupBlocker userscript (that has been improved a good amount, by the way), we have changed the way we handle external userscripts. AdGuard Assistant and the integration mode of AdGuard Browser extension have been shown some love too.

That’s not the only news, of course. Four new localizations have been added, and then all the usual suspects: bugfixes, compatibility issues, minor UI tweaks.

[Added] AdGuard PopupBlocker extension v2.1 #1883

For quite a while now, AdGuard works as a userscript manager — you can install any script via AdGuard to use it in any browser. PopupBlocker has always been one of the 'native' userscripts that are installed by default, alongside AdGuard Assistant. Its purpose is clear — to block any unwanted pop-ups.

Previous version (v1.0) was functional but very little beyond that. We have completely redesigned the PopupBlocker. It now has advanced pop-up detection, compared to its predecessor and its alternatives, restores the initial click behavior and is invisible to other scripts. All in all, new PopupBlocker is a solid addition to your online protection suite.

By the way, it is available as a standalone script that can be used on its own with any other userscript manager. To find more information about PopupBlocker, visit its GitHub repository.

[Changed] The way AdGuard handles userscripts #1714

A lot of effort has been put into improving (better to say, rethinking) the way AdGuard works with userscripts. This actually has two different aspects:

First, from now on, the communication between AdGuard and Assistant is based on WebSocket, which results in better performance. This is also perfectly applicable to AdGuard Browser extension, when it is working in the integration mode with AdGuard for Windows.

Second, we have taken a whole complex of measures that allow for any external userscripts that you install via AdGuard to show higher speed and execution stability.

Related issues:

[Added] @noframes attribute support #1895
[Fixed] Userscript wrapper breaks window functions #1869
[Fixed] GM_addStyle implementation is not reliable #1759
[Fixed] @grant none is not being applied #1870
[Fixed] Userscript does not run on cross-origin iframes #1892
[Fixed] cloneInto, createObjectIn, exportFunction support #1875
[Fixed] instanceof event does not work as expected #1871
[Fixed] Errors in browser console #1740

[Added] New localizations #1882

Thanks to volunteers who continuosly do an amazing job translating AdGuard into other languages, we were able to add even more localizations, such as:

  • Arabic
  • Bulgarian
  • Danish
  • Persian

Other languages localizations have been updated too.

Ad blocking

[Added] "Block third-party authorization header" Stealth Mode option #698
[Added] An option to hide Java and Flash support #1064
[Changed] The $important modifier is now applied to rules created by enabling/disabling filtering via Assistant #1924


[Fixed] DNS is unreachable when using AdGuard #1918
[Fixed] HTTPS filtering on does not work sometimes #1902
[Fixed] AdGuard breaks local HTTPS connections #1896
[Fixed] Wrong ciphers order #1884
[Fixed] AdGuard 6.2.390 on Windows 10 stops browsing until user kill the process #1901
[Fixed] SHA-1 intermediate issue #1702


[Added] "Storage" and "Reinstall" buttons on “Extensions” screen #1893
[Changed] Interface has been optimized for screen readers #352
[Changed] Update channel is now set to "Beta" if you install or update AdGuard to beta version #196
[Fixed] Filtering log and Filter editor windows have different styles #1920
[Fixed] Cancel button is missing #1899
[Fixed] Cannot close "validation error" dialog when editing a userscript #1894
[Fixed] Log export does not work #1900
[Fixed] A “new line” symbol is added after copying a rule in Filter editor #1878
[Fixed] Changing Advanced settings does not lead to network filtering restart #1800


[Changed] Spotify app has been added to the list of apps filtered by default #1904
[Fixed] "Add application" tool in “Filtered Apps” can't detect installed Viber #1559
[Fixed] Several third-party userscripts compatibility issues

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