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@vozersky vozersky released this Oct 23, 2017 · 51 commits to master since this release

Disclaimer Adguard for Windows is not an open source project. We use Github as an open bug tracker for users to see what developers are working on.

Presumably, the last release candidate before the inevitable coming of AdGuard v6.2. The highlight of this version is integration with a reports web app. Read below to see what it is and why is it so cool. AdGuard default userscripts have been updated (Assistant, PopupBlocker), and other minor changes have been made too.

[Added] Integration with Reports Web App #1964

When it comes to keeping our filter lists updated, we owe our users a big one. Thanks to their timely reports of missed ads, false positives etc., AdGuard filters are always up-to-date. We want make the process of reporting a website easy for users and informative for filter developers, that’s why we decided to integrate AdGuard for Windows with a special web reporting tool.

When you see any problem like missed ad or annoyance, click on the Assistant icon and choose “Report this website”. You will be taken to a new page and asked to fill in some information about your AdGuard settings and the nature of the problem. Good thing is that AdGuard pre-fills most of the fields automatically, so most of the job is already done for you :)

We hope this change will strengthen the feedback from our users and allow AdGuard filters to stay at the cutting edge of ad blocking technology.

Ad blocking

[Fixed] Chromium is not filtered by default #1956


[Fixed] Ctrl + Z does not work in any input field #1960
[Fixed] Filter editor bug #1969
[Fixed] User filter is always empty when "Filter editor" is opened for the first time #1970


[Changed] Localizations have been updated
[Fixed] Userscript is not injected #1958
[Fixed] Problematic userscript prevents others from working #1962

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