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@zebrum zebrum released this Oct 25, 2018 · 26 commits to master since this release

Disclaimer AdGuard for Windows is not an open source project. We use Github as an open bug tracker for users to see what developers are working on.

This version makes a strong accent on the Networking issues. This doesn’t mean everything else was abandoned, on the contrary, there’s been a lot of ad blocking- and UI-related fixes and improvements, just the network-related fixes happened to be the most important ones. Oh, but let’s also not forget about the improved popup blocker!

[Fixed] Unrelated TCP connections get reset when starting AdGuard service #2291

AdGuard needs to reset connections when it starts/restarts its service in order to properly filter them. What AdGuard doesn't have to do is to reset connections that it is not going to filter anyway. So from now on, it won't do it, as simple as that.

[Fixed] Avast Free prevents AdGuard from suppressing QUIC #2310

The current way of whitelisting apps from filtering for WFP driver has been extended to TDI driver. It allows to avoid compatibility issues with other software, especially with antivirus software.

[Improved] TLS version has been upgraded #2337

Up to this moment we were using a draft of TLS 1.3 technology (#2155), as we always want to be at the cutting edge. Now, as TLS 1.3 standard was officially accepted by IETF, we are happy to say that AdGuard supports the most modern encrypting standards.

[Improved] Popup Blocker has been updated to v2.5 #2295

Popup Blocker is an extension (userscript) that is added to AdGuard by default. As it’s clear from its name, it helps block various popup windows (most of which are all kinds of ads). It’s been around forever, but the new version for the first time features its own UI accessable from “Extensions” settings tab. You can whitelist websites there or disable notifications for certain websites. The blocking capabilities have been improved too, of course.

popup blocker


[Changed] TLS 1.2 is used by default if Avast is detected #2368

As we’ve said earlier, TLS 1.3 is the current standard, but some antiviruses still use v1.2, notably Avast. We would like to completely switch to v1.3 but have to take this into consideration.

[Fixed] Application update resets Assistant settings and restores deleted extensions #2365

There won’t be enough fingers combined on the hands of all people in our office to count the number of times users complained about this issue. One of our current priorities is to make the process of updating AdGuard as smooth as possible, and certainly preserving users’ settings is a big step in that direction.

Ad Blocking

  • [Fixed] Duplicate EV certificate messages #2282
  • [Fixed] Twitch desktop app is not filtered #2289
  • [Fixed] PopupBlocker is not updated alongside AG update #2354
  • [Improved] Popup Blocker updated to v2.5 #2295
  • [Improved] Popup Blocker extension has been updated to v2.5.8 #2351
  • [Improved] Custom filters URL parsing #2280
  • [Improved] URL exclusion blocking rules are now created with important modifier by default #2305


  • [Changed] AdGuard now asks for a reboot after TDI driver update on Windows 7 #2364
  • [Fixed] Firefox 64-bit handshake issues with some domains #2347
  • [Fixed] QUIC v44 is not blocked properly #2335
  • [Improved] AdGuard now checks on installation if the TDI driver is not registered yet #2321


  • [Changed] Clickable area for “Close” button for AdGuard notification has been increased on Windows 7 #2319
  • [Changed] Highlighting color for the whitelisted requests in Filtering Log #2358
  • [Fixed] AdGuard remembers the last displayed settings tab after closing #2317
  • [Fixed] The Assistant icon appears in full-screen mode on YouTube and Twitch #2309
  • [Fixed] Move the assistant icon back to the right corner #2314
  • [Fixed] Duplicate EV certificate messages #2282
  • [Fixed] "Hide your referer" checkbox state is not transmitted properly to web reporting tool #2286
  • [Fixed] Duplicate "Trial is expiring" message #2287
  • [Fixed] AdGuard fails to start service #2339
  • [Fixed] Crash on multiple tray icon clicks right after the installation #2340
  • [Fixed] "Service failure" tile and "Trial expired" tile appear simultaneously #2342
  • [Fixed] Crash upon opening the Filtering Log #2346
  • [Fixed] Update AG icon to high-resolution version #2341
  • [Improved] Suppress the Alt-Svc header #2343


  • [Fixed] AdguardSvc process memory leak #2114
  • [Fixed] Crash while closing from tray #2252
  • [Fixed] Crash after auto-update on the application startup on Windows 7 #2290
  • [Fixed] An error while parsing the userscript metadata #2311
  • [Improved] A privacy-friendly protocol is now used for the parental control web service #2316
  • [Improved] Localizations have been updated, new languages have been added (Slovenian, Czech, Belarusian) #2361
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