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@TheHasagi TheHasagi released this May 23, 2019 · 19 commits to master since this release

In this beta we make an emphasis on UI changes but also fix several crashes. We also took this opportunity to introduce a new userscript — AdGuard Extra.

[Added] AdGuard Extra extension #2648

In some complicated cases the usual approach with filtering rules just doesn’t work. In particular, in some cases of ad blocker circumvention/ad reinjection. So we came up with an alternative solution — a userscript. For those unfamiliar, userscripts are basically mini programs that modify web pages and augment browsing.

AdGuard Extra does it in a way that makes it harder for websites to employ the circumvention/reinjection techniques. AdGuard for Windows is the second AdGuard product to get this addition, we are thrilled to see it in action and read your feedback on it.


  • [Added] An option to add/remove filters from the General settings screen #2620
  • [Changed] AdGuard Assistant extension name #2643
  • [Changed] UI changes on Trial period & License screens #2657
  • [Fixed] "BlockTypeRuleDescription" wrongly used as a rule in the filtering log #2663
  • [Fixed] Filter name is displayed in the Rule column in the filtering log #2634
  • [Fixed] License activation window glitch #2628
  • [Fixed] Notification's text is out of its bounds #2662
  • [Fixed] Rule Editor suggest wrong exclusion for $$ rules #2630
  • [Fixed] UI window can only be dragged when the left mouse button is pressed #2621
  • [Improved] Filtering log search syntax has been extended #2651


  • [Changed] Translations have been updated
  • [Fixed] AdGuard crashes
  • [Fixed] AdGuard doesn't automatically detect system language #2622
  • [Fixed] AdGuard hangs after exiting the sleep mode #2649
  • [Fixed] Error while doing the update check #2654
  • [Fixed] The English language is set by default #2664
  • [Improved] CoreLibs has been updated
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