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How to collect DNS requests log on AdGuard Pro?

Sometimes we need to troubleshoot something that we can't reproduce on our side. In that case we usually need a log - and this article tells how to obtain a DNS requests log on AdGuard Pro for iOS.

So, if you need to collect DNS requests log, do the following:

  1. Open AdGuard main screen, choose 'AdGuard DNS' item and tap on it.

  2. Make sure AdGuard DNS is enabled.

  3. Enable DNS requests log.

  4. Reproduce the problem. NOTE: notice the time when the problem was reproduced.

  5. Go back to AdGuard DNS settings and disable the DNS requests log.

  6. Go back to the main AdGuard screen and tap on 'Send Bug Report'.

  7. In the message body mention the exact time when the problem was reproduced.

  8. That's it, now we will receive the log and, hopefully, fix the problem soon.