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AG Filters Registry Build Status

This repository contains the known filters subscriptions available to AdGuard users. We re-host these filters on Also, these filters can be slightly modified in order to achieve better compatibility with AdGuard.

Filters metadata

  • template.txt

    Template file is used by the filters compiler to prepare the final filter version.

  • exclude.txt

    A list of regular expressions. Rules that match these exclusions will not be included in the resulting filter.

  • metadata.json

    Filter metadata. Includes name, description, etc.

    • filterId - unique filter identifier (integer);
    • name - filter name. Can be localized (we'll cover it later);
    • description - filter description;
    • timeAdded - time when this filter was added to the registry. Milliseconds since January 1, 1970. You can exec new Date().getTime() in the browser console to get the current time;
    • homepage - filter website/homepage;
    • expires - filter's default expiration period;
    • displayNumber - this number is used when AdGuard sorts available filters (GUI);
    • groupId - group identifier (see groups description below);
    • subscriptionUrl - default filter subscription URL
    • tags - a list of tags (see tags description below)

    Metadata example:

      "filterId": 2,
      "name": "English Filter",
      "description": "EasyList + AdGuard English filter. This filter is necessary for quality ad blocking.",
      "timeAdded": 1404115015843,
      "homepage": "",
      "expires": "2 days",
      "displayNumber": 1,
      "groupId": 1,
      "subscriptionUrl": "",
      "tags": [
  • revision.json

    Filter version metadata, automatically filled and overwritten on each build.

  • filter.txt

    Resulting compiled filter.

  • diff.txt

    Build log that contains excluded and converted rules with an explanation.


A list of domains to be removed from url-blocking domain modified rules.


Every filter can be marked by a number of tags. /tags/metadata.json contains every tag metadata.


    "tagId": 1,
    "keyword": "purpose:ads"
  • lang:* tags

    Language-specific filters are marked with one or multiple lang: tags. For instance, AdGuard Russian filter is marked with the lang:ru tag.

  • purpose:* tags

    Determines filters purposes. Please note, that a filter can have multiple purposes. For instance, List-KR is marked with both purpose:ads and purpose:privacy.

  • recommended tag

    Filters that are recommended to use in their category. The category is determined by the pair of the lang: and purpose: tags.


/groups/metadata.json - filters groups metadata. Each filter should belong to one of the groups.

Filters localization

Translations are here:

See scripts/oneskyapp/

How to build

npm install

Run the following command:

  node index.js

Build with white/black lists:

  node index.js -i=1,2,3 -s=4,5,6

Validate filters.json and filters_i18n.json for platforms:

  node validate ./platforms