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Python Plugin Wrapper for AdiIRC


This is a plugin wrapper for AdiIRC using IronPython and the new AdiIRC APIv2 to allow python scripting in AdiIRC.


  • Download
  • Unzip it to your config folder, usually C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\AdiIRC\Plugins
  • Go to Menubar -> File -> Plugins, select PyWrapper.dll, then click the Load button.


To create Python scripts, go to Menubar -> Tools -> Edit Plugin Scripts -> Python Wrapper.

APIv2 documentation can be found at, all the python events uses the same names and parameters as in the docs,


def OnLoad():
	# print a message when the script is loaded.
	pluginHost.ActiveIWindow.OutputText("Loaded script " + scriptFile)

	# add a hook for the command /testpy, notice it calls "plugin." instead of "pluginHost."

	# add a hook for the command /testeval

	# add a hook for the command /testcmd

	# add a hook for the command /listnicks

def OnRegisteredCommand(e):
	parm = e.Command.split(" ")
	if parm[0] == "/testpy":
		 # if the typed command was /testpy, print a message.
        	    pluginHost.ActiveIWindow.OutputText("You typed /testpy " + " ".join(parm[1:]))

	elif parm[0] == "/testeval":
		# if the typed command was /testeval, try to evaluate "$me" 
		pluginHost.ActiveIWindow.OutputText("$me evaluates to " + pluginHost.ActiveIWindow.Evaluate("$me", ""))

	elif parm[0] == "/testcmd":
		# send a "/echo -ag Hello world" command to the active window.
		pluginHost.ActiveIWindow.ExecuteCommand("/echo -ag Hello World")

	elif parm[0] == "/listnicks":
		# if the typed command was /listnicks, print all nicks in the channel
		for value in pluginHost.ActiveIWindow.GetUsers:
# set a global variable
joined = 0

def OnChannelJoin(e):
	# if this is my nick joining
	if e.User.Nick == e.Channel.Server.Nick:
			# update the global variable.
			global joined
			joined = joined + 1

			# print number of times joined a channel while the script was running.
			e.Channel.OutputText("I have joined a channel " + str(joined) + " times")
		# print a message to the server window.
		e.Channel.OutputText(e.User.Nick + " just joined " + e.Channel.Name)

	# don't do anything to the original message.
	return EatData.EatNone
def OnChannelPart(e):
	# eat/hide the part message.
	return EatData.EatText
import clr


from System import EventHandler
from System.Windows.Forms import ToolStripMenuItem

def OnMenu(e):
	if e.MenuType == MenuType.Channel:
		menuItem = ToolStripMenuItem("Example Menu Item")
		menuClickedHandler = EventHandler(MenuClicked)
		menuItem.Click += menuClickedHandler

def MenuClicked(source, args):
	pluginHost.ActiveIWindow.OutputText("Menu item clicked")