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A search application based on Google's API Custom Search and Django. You can create your personal search engine, schedule jobs and manage your searches through a Django interface.


Setting up the Google API

  1. Create a google account.
  2. Create a custom search engine and take not of the search engine ID at
  3. Identify your application to google by creating a API key which is the developer's key at

For more informations, check the Google Custom Search documentation :

Schedule search jobs

Create cron which executes the file everyday, with the API key created.

Open crontab to edit:

crontab -e

Add the following cron:

0 0 * * * /usr/bin/python projectpath/src/oudjat/ projectpath/src/oudjat/search/management/commands/ your_developer_key

Manage through your Django interface

  • Admin interface

You can add a new domain with the matching search engine ID, activate/deactivate a search...

See at http://localhost:8000/admin

  • Web interface

You can add new searches with the matching word and domain, view activated searches or results...

See at http://localhost:8000/search