A few customized serializers for the bunyan logging framework
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Some customized serializers for bunyan.


    var serializers = require('bunyan-serializers');
    var bunyan = require('bunyan');

    var logger = bunyan.createLogger({
        serializers: serializers,
        stream: process.stdout,
        name: 'test'

    var server = http.createServer(function(req, res) {
        logger.info({req: req, res: res}, 'Got a request and a response');

differences from bunyan.stdSerializers.

In the standard serializer for bunyan the req- and res-objects are serialized when creating a child-logger, like

    var child = bunyan.child({
        req: reqObj,
        res: resObj

This means that if the reqObj or resObj get changed after the child has been initated those changes will not be logged properly. The serializers for req and res-objects are in this project not serialized when a child is created but rather when you actually log.

A serializer for an err-object is also attached for completeness.