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Table of Contents

  1. General Intro
  2. YouTube Video - Intro
  3. Summary

1. General Intro

PG Box Community: PG Community is a PG repo that collects and stores accepted user container writeups for community usage install. User can add programs such as Radarr4k or other unique programs that others may want to utlize.

Manage PlexGuide - AnyTime, Anywhere!

Forum Node for Community Box: CLICK HERE

WARNING: Wiki Under Construction

(BETTER EXAMPLES will be provided), but Radarr4k and Sonarr4k serve as general containers until posted!

In order for apps show up under the Community App Store, users must select or push apps from within the app folder of this repo. Do not worry, the apps automatically show up under the community app store and are segerated from the official containers that are built and supported by PG.

2. YouTube Video - Intro


3. Summary

PG Box Community Edition is dead simple to use! Have a container in mind? Push containers that benifit the community today!

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Repo that enables users to customize personally or push community app fixes back to PlexGuide!




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