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Table of Contents

  1. General Intro
  2. YouTube Video - Intro
  3. Functional Use
  4. Testimonials
  5. Recommended Reading
  6. Install Process
  7. Conclusion
  8. Having Issues?

1. General Intro

Manage PlexGuide - AnyTime, Anywhere!

Mission Statement: PlexGuide is an all-in-one media solution that deploys a Media Server through the use of your Local HD or Google Drive; serving as an unlimited back-end storage. PlexGuide utilizes Ansible and Docker to streamline your Media Server, while deploying multiple tools for your Server Operations.

2. YouTube Video - Intro

PG Introduction Video

3. Functional Use

  1. Deploys multiple programs/app and functional within 10 - 30 seconds
  2. Deploy PG on a remote machine, local machine, VPS, or virtual machines
  3. Deploy PG utilizing Google's GSuite for unlimited space or through the solo or multiple HD editions
  4. Deploys a Reverse Proxy (Traefik) so you can obtain https:// certificates on all your containers
  5. Backup and Restore data through your Google Drive
  6. Aligns data and ports for efficiency
  7. Deploys with a simple installer and a GUI like interface (commands do not have to be typed out)

4. Testimonials

Dexxa: Cant believe how it easy it was to install plex and link plex to my gdrive, when i just knew how to install plex on its on, i tried many ways to mount gdrive to my plex and couldn't get it to work, but this did it for me in minutes, I'll be using this script from now on, on all my servers, thank you.

Cyb3rGh05t: hi PlexGuide Team, just want to say thank you to the PlexGuide Team :) you did an amazing job:) Everything is really easy to setup an the interface is also very nice :) Thanks for all the hard work an all the support :) you guys rock :) .Keep up that good work. looking further for new features on PlexGuide :) thanks :)

5. Recommended Reading

In general, it's best to go down the line on the wiki on how to install PlexGuide and run through the steps, but one major goal is to provide a list of reading on some basic fundamentals; which will ensure better execution.

Click Here to view the list!

6. Install Process

Click Here for installation instructions to start the process

7. Conclusion

Well always, welcome to the Site! Visit the forums @


  1. Introduction
  2. Recommended Pre-Reading
  3. G-Suite Signup
  4. PG Repos
  5. Common Issues

Starter Info

  1. Server - Storage Planning
  2. Usenet or BitTorrent
  3. Recommended NewsHosts
  4. PG Editions
  5. Data Flow
  6. PG YouTube Channel

Deploy & Config

  1. PreInstall
    1. SSH Server Access
    2. Create a SUDO User
  2. Install PlexGuide
    1. WatchTower
    2. Download Path
    3. Change Server Time

RClone Basics [Expand]
  1. Google OAuth Keys
  2. GDrive
  3. TDrive
  4. RClone Manual Deploy

Data Transport
  1. PG Clone
    1. PG Move
    2. PG Blitz
    3. 2nd HD Option


  1. About Traefik
  2. Traefik Providers
  3. Traefik multi Domains

PG Defense

  1. PG Shield
  2. PG Port Guard
  3. Fail2Ban

PG Apps

  1. Official Apps
  2. Community Apps
  3. Custom Containers
  4. Accessing PG Apps
  5. App Port Scheme
  6. Plex to AutoScan
  7. Remote Path Mappings
Core Apps
  1. Emby
  2. Jackett
  3. Jellyfin
  4. LazyLibrarian
  5. Lidarr
  6. Netdata
  7. NZBGet
  8. Ombi
  9. Plex
  10. Portainer
  11. qBittorrent
  12. Radarr
  13. RuTorrent
  15. Sonarr
  16. Tautulli
Community Apps [Expand]
  1. AirSonic
  2. AllTube
  3. Beets
  4. Bitwarden
  5. BookSonic
  6. CaAdvisor
  7. Cloud Commander
  8. DDClient
  9. Deezloaderremix
  10. Deluge
  11. DelugeVPN
  12. Duplicati
  13. EmbyStats
  14. Gazee
  15. Handbrake
  16. Headphones
  17. Heimdall
  18. HTPCManager
  19. JDownloader2
  20. Kitana
  21. Logarr
  22. McMyadmin
  23. MEDUSA
  24. Mellow
  25. Monitorr
  26. Muximux
  27. Mylar
  28. NextCloud
  29. NowShowing
  30. NZBThrottle
  31. Organizr
  32. pyLoad
  33. Radarr4k
  34. Resilio
  35. ShareSite
  36. SpeedTest
  37. SyncLounge
  38. Syncthing
  39. The Lounge
  40. Ubooquity
  41. MakeMKV

WebMaster Tools

  1. PG Press

Cloud Instances

  1. Google Cloud - GCE
    1. Automated setup
    2. Multiple NVMe Drives in raid0
  2. Hetzner Cloud

Tools & Services


UseFul Reading


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