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Quick Reference -

Table of Contents

  1. Intro
  2. Access Information
  3. PG YouTube
  4. General Configuration
  5. Configuration /w NewsGroups
  6. Configuration /w Torrents
  7. Summary

1. Intro

Sonarr is one of the most recognized programs utilized in order to obtain, maintain, and upgrade a user's TV show quality content. Sonarr operates in a hasty and efficient manner and provides a high degree of confidence in organizing and renaming files to be recongized both by Plex & Emby. For USENet, Sonarr works both with NZBGET & SABNZBD.

Sonarr is a PVR for USENet and BitTorrent users. It can monitor multiple RSS feeds for new episodes of your favorite shows and will grab, sort and rename them. It can also be configured to automatically upgrade the quality of files already downloaded when a better quality format becomes available.

2. Access Information

a. General Access

To access the program after deployment, you can reach it via the following methods. Subdomain access is only accessible by setting up Traefik.

b. 3rd Party Connection Tips

  • Sonarr to NZBGET, type nzbget in the address (not or the IP)
  • Sonarr to SABNZBD, type sabnzbd in the address (not or the IP)

3. PG YouTube - Sonarr


4. General Configuration

Generally, the follow actions must be taken for both USENET and Torrents. Select settings as highlighted below.

Next, select media management. From here, scroll down until you see Episode Naming. Make sure to turn that on. If not, file names will be stored as is and may complicate the setup with Plex and/or Emby

The last task to accomplish for media management is turn on advanced settings @ placement #1. Next, scroll down to file management and [TURN OFF] analyse video files. If left on, it will ring up your API usage for G-Suite and result in slower scans being conducted by Sonarr.

Select Save and then move onward to either configuration of NewsGroups or that of Torrents.

5. Configuration - NewsGroups

a. Setting up Indexers

News Group indexer information is generally easy to setup. The great thing about Sonarr and Radarr is that there is prebuilt list of indexers to select from (meaning you do not have to discover them on your own). Select the [+] symbol in order to add an indexer.

Next, you will see custom and presets. Custom should only be used if the indexer your utilizing is not on the preset list. If on the preset list, select it.

Finally from here, type/paste in the API key and then [Save].

b. Setting Up a Downloader

i. General Information

This part is generally easy to accomplish. It is recommend to have NZBGET or SABNZBD deployed before moving on. First, start by selecting download clients and then selecting the [+] symbol.

You only have two choices primarily to choose from. Select either NZBGET or SABNZBD and then follow the instructions below based on your choice.

ii. Setting up NZBGET

  1. Type in the Name nzbget
  2. For host, type in nzbget (not localhost or the ip address)
  3. Ensure that tv is there in all lowercase letters

Save and exit!

iii. Setting up SABNZBD

  1. Type in the Name sabnzbd
  2. For host, type in sabnzbd (not localhost or the ip address)
  3. Ensure that tv is there in all lowercase letters

Save and exit!

iv. Recommended NewsGroups

Top 5 tier news-server recommended by PlexGuide for SABNZBD & NZBGET! Very well known for completion and speeds (and my actual personal use):

  1. NewsHosting
  2. UseNetServer
  3. EasyNews
  4. Pure USENet
  5. XLNED

v. Wrap Up Information

If completed utilizing the NewsGroup portion, feel free to check out and explore the other options!

6. Configuration - Torrents


  • Visit the Jackett Wiki to obtain the URL & API.
  • Paste in the URL, but once your done; change the address to match http://jackett:9117 as shown below.
  • Paste in your API key
  • Select Save

Download Client

  • On the "Download Client" tab we will add rutorrent or deluge. RUTORRENT:
  • Click the add symbol and add click rtorrent.
  • Give it a name
  • For host give it an ip address or domain name.(you can try localhost here but sometimes that doesn't work.)
  • Port: 8999 (write down your port when doing the rtorrent container install it might be different to mine.)
  • URL Path leave it as is.
  • Then click test. If successful congrats! If it is not then try a different Host and make sure your port is correct.

7. Summary

Sonarr is a very easy program to utilize. As long as you follow the basic information, any user just be good to go. If you have any questions, please visit our forums at


  1. Introduction
  2. G-Suite Signup
  3. PG Editions
  4. Data Flow

Starter Info

  1. Server - Storage Planning
  2. Usenet or BitTorrent
  3. Recommended NewsHosts
  4. PG YouTube Channel

Deploy & Config

  1. PreInstall
    1. SSH Server Access
    2. Create a SUDO User
  2. Install PlexGuide
    1. WatchTower
    2. Download Path
    3. Change Server Time

RClone Basics
  1. Google OAuth Keys
  2. GDrive
  3. TDrive
  4. RClone Manual Deploy

Mounts & Data Transport
  1. PG Clone

    1. PG Move
    2. PG Blitz
  2. PG Mounts

    1. Using 2nd Harddrive
    2. Multiple NVMe Drives in raid0


  1. About Traefik
  2. Traefik Providers

PG Defense

  1. PG Shield
  2. PG Port Guard

PG Apps

  1. Official Apps
  2. Community Apps
  3. Custom Containers
  4. Accessing PG Apps
  5. App Port Scheme
Core Apps
  1. AirSonic
  2. Bitwarden
  3. Cloud Commander
  4. Deluge
  5. Emby
  6. Flood
  7. Heimdall
  8. Jackett
  9. Jellyfin
  10. LazyLibrarian
  11. Lidarr
  12. Netdata
  13. NowShowing
  14. NZBGet
  15. Ombi
  16. Organizr
  17. Plex
  18. Portainer
  19. qBittorrent
  20. Radarr
  21. RuTorrent
  23. Sonarr
  24. Tautulli
Community Apps [Expand]
  1. AirSonic
  2. AllTube
  3. Beets
  4. BookSonic
  5. CaAdvisor
  6. DDClient
  7. Deezloaderremix
  8. DelugeVPN
  9. Duplicati
  10. EmbyStats
  11. Gazee
  12. Handbreak
  13. Headphones
  14. HTPCManager
  15. JDownloader2
  16. Kitana
  17. Logarr
  18. MEDUSA
  19. Mellow
  20. Monitorr
  21. Muximux
  22. Mylar
  23. NextCloud
  24. NZBThrottle
  25. Organizr
  26. pyLoad
  27. Radarr4k
  28. Resilio
  29. ShareSite
  30. SpeedTest
  31. SyncLounge
  32. Syncthing
  33. The Lounge
  34. Ubooquity

Cloud Instances

  1. Google Cloud - GCE
    1. GCE NVME raid setup
  2. Hetzner Cloud

Tools & Services

PG Coders

Understanding GITHUB
  • What is GITHUB?
  • Software
  • Creating a Repo
Forking & PG Fork
  • Fork & Cloning PG
  • PG Fork
  • Push Edits to PG


UseFul Reading


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