Access to Anti Captcha API v2 via JAVA
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Download the full project (2.5 mb):

You need Java 1.8 installed.
This is an IntelliJ IDEA project and it should be compatible with Eclipse (but not tested).

If you want to compile the project in console (tested on MacOS 10.11):

1. Make sure you are using Java 1.8:
$ javac -version
if you installed Java 1.8 before, but previous command gives you "1.7", you need to switch it to 1.8:
$ export JAVA_HOME=`/usr/libexec/java_home -v 1.8`

2. Compile:
$ javac -cp "libs/*" src/com/anti_captcha/ src/com/anti_captcha/ src/com/anti_captcha/ src/com/anti_captcha/Api/ src/com/anti_captcha/Api/ src/com/anti_captcha/Api/ src/com/anti_captcha/ApiResponse/ src/com/anti_captcha/ApiResponse/ src/com/anti_captcha/ApiResponse/ src/com/anti_captcha/Helper/ src/com/anti_captcha/Helper/ src/com/anti_captcha/Helper/ src/com/anti_captcha/Helper/ src/com/anti_captcha/Http/ src/com/anti_captcha/Http/

3. Run:
$ java -cp "src:libs/*" com.anti_captcha.Main