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A tool for inspecting the color gamut of 2D images in 3D space.

3d color space visualisation dragging user images into the viewport exploring different spacial mappings using camera input from a smartphone


  • Drag an image from your computer or another web browser window into the 3D viewport
  • Use the "Upload Image" button and select existing image, or take a picture with your phone/tablet camera
    • Be patient with your phone/tablet if you use this feature - it may take a while until I have time to optimise it
    • I auto-shrink uploaded images to 256x256 max on mobile devices to try and help with this
  • Portrait mode on most phones allows you to see settings and the visualization at the same time
  • Leaving this browser tab open too long on a mobile might have drastic effects on battery life - optimization to come
    • Yes I'm listing this as a feature because I can
  • Scroll your mouse wheel to zoom in and out, if you have one
    • Scroll left/right or hold shift while scrolling to scroll 10x more precisely
    • Good luck with the weird left/right scrolling on trackpads
  • Use your Numpad keys for quick access to camera views; Blender defaults.
    • Numpad 5: Toggle orthographic / perspective camera mode
    • Numpad 7: Top
    • Numpad 1: Front
    • Numpad 3: Right
    • Numpad 0: "White corner", 3/4ths view
    • ctrl + Numpad 7: Bottom
    • ctrl + Numpad 1: Back
    • ctrl + Numpad 3: Left
    • ctrl + Numpad 0: "Black corner", -3/4ths view

Supported systems:

These are the setups I have access to, so these are what I can ensure work properly.

  • Desktop
    • FireFox, Chrome, or Safari on a machine capable of running WebGL
      • Some laptops suck and can't WebGL (11" Macbook Air)
  • Mobile
    • Chrome on Android on a device capable of running WebGL
    • Safari on iOS 10.0 or newer, probably


  • Expand/collapse settings sections
  • Pan around the scene
  • Zoom on Mobile devices
  • Live stream from webcam / phone camera
  • Tweening states
  • Grid toggle
  • Show multiple images
  • Display a loading progress indicator
  • Display image specs and option to limit size
  • Any kind of persistence
  • Ability to share a particular image/configuration via link
  • Some kind of error displays when things break

Install and local development


npm install
npm run dev


npm run build


A tool for inspecting the color gamut of images in 3D






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