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MDT Driver Importer 1.0
Imports driver repository into the MDT workbench
Created: 2016-08-16
Version: 1.0
Author - Anton Romanyuk
Twitter: @admiraltolwyn
Blog :
This script is provided 'AS IS' with no warranties, confers no rights and
is not supported by the author.
1. Copy files to the staging folder
2. Modify parameters to match the deployment share
3. Run the script
# Adjust these variables if necessary
$stage_dir = "C:\Import\DRIVERS\"
$mdt_root = "\\MDT01\W10$" #UNC or local
$vendors = @("HP", "Dell Inc.")
$os_name = "Windows 10 x64"
$mdt_drive = "DS005"
# import MDT PS module and connect to the deployment share
Import-Module "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Deployment Toolkit\bin\MicrosoftDeploymentToolkit.psd1" 2>$null
New-PSDrive -Name $mdt_drive -PSProvider MDTProvider -Root $mdt_root
# Main
ForEach ($vendor in $vendors) {
# check if vendor folder exists
If ($vendor) {
Write-Host "Found following vendor: " $vendor
# query vendor folder for any model subfolders
$tmp_dir = $stage_dir + $vendor
$src_dir = Get-ChildItem $tmp_dir -Recurse -Directory -Depth 0
ForEach ($dir in $src_dir) {
# for example: C:\PreStaging\Drivers\Dell Inc.\Latitude 5570
$tmp_drv_dir = $tmp_dir + "\" + $dir.Name
# get all driver categories for a specific model
$drv_dirs = Get-ChildItem $tmp_drv_dir -Recurse -Directory -Depth 0
# for example: DS001:\Out-of-Box Drivers\Windows 10 x64\Dell Inc.
$mdt_driver_root = $mdt_drive + ":\Out-of-Box Drivers\" + $os_name + "\" + $vendor
# for example: DS001:\Out-of-Box Drivers\Windows 10 x64\Dell Inc.\Latitude E5570
$mdt_path = $mdt_driver_root + "\" + $dir.Name
# create model folder if it doesn't exist, supress all errors
New-Item -path $mdt_driver_root -enable "True" -Name $dir.Name -Comments "" -ItemType "Folder" 2>$null
ForEach ($drv_dir in $drv_dirs) {
# construct full driver path
# for example: DS001:\Windows 10 x64\Dell Inc.\Latitude E5570\audio
$mdt_dir = $mdt_path + "\" + $drv_dir
# Delete MDT driver folder located in %Make%\%Model%\ and create it from scratch
# for example: DS001:\Out-of-Box Drivers\Windows 10 x64\Dell Inc.\Latitude E5570\audio
# This is necessary to ensure we start with a clean slate
Write-Host "Performing " $mdt_dir " driver cleanup." -ForegroundColor Magenta
Write-Host "Removing MDT folder: " $mdt_dir -ForegroundColor Cyan
Remove-Item $mdt_dir -Force -Recurse 2>$null
Write-Host "Creating MDT folder: " $mdt_dir -ForegroundColor Cyan
New-Item -path $mdt_path -enable "True" -Name $drv_dir -Comments "" -ItemType "Folder" | Out-Null
# construct full path to the staging folder containing driver package
# for example: C:\PreStaging\Drivers\Dell Inc.\Latitude 5570\audio
$drv_path = $tmp_drv_dir + "\" + $drv_dir
# import driver package
Write-Host "Importing driver package: " $mdt_dir -ForegroundColor Cyan
import-mdtdriver -path $mdt_dir -SourcePath $drv_path #-Verbose