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MDT Language Packs Importer
Imports Windows 10 language packs and features on demand into the MDT workbench
Created: 2017-08-24
Version: 1.0
Author - Anton Romanyuk
Twitter: @admiraltolwyn
Blog :
This script is provided 'AS IS' with no warranties, confers no rights and
is not supported by the author.
1. Modify parameters to match your deployment share
2. Run the script
# Adjust these variables if necessary
# IMPORTANT: use UNC path for src_dir, otherwise MDT might not be able to import packages
# NOTE: Adjust $w10_build variable accordingly
$mdt_root = "\\MDT01\W10$\" #UNC or local
$mdt_drive = "DS005"
$w10_build = "1607"
$w10_rel = "Windows 10 " + $w10_build + " x64"
$lan_lis = @("de-de","fr-fr","es-es","el-gr","hu-hu","it-it","nl-nl","pl-pl","pt-pt","ru-ru","sv-se","tr-tr")
$src_dir = "\\MDT01\C$\Import\LANGUAGE_PACKS\MultiLang_Feat_on_Demand_" + $w10_build
$mdt_path = $mdt_drive + ":\Packages\Language Packs\"
#Import MDT PS1 module and map deployment share
Import-Module "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Deployment Toolkit\bin\MicrosoftDeploymentToolkit.psd1"
New-PSDrive -Name $mdt_drive -PSProvider MDTProvider -Root $mdt_root
# create W10 MDT rel language pack folder if it doesn't exist, supress all errors
Write-Host "Creating MDT language code subfolder: " $mdt_dir -ForegroundColor Green
New-Item -path $mdt_path -enable "True" -Name $w10_rel -Comments "" -ItemType "Folder" 2>$null
ForEach ($lan in $lan_lis) {
#Construct full path for each language package
$sub_dir = $src_dir + "\" + $lan
$mdt_dir = $mdt_path + "\" + $w10_rel + "\" + $lan
# create W10 MDT language specific folder if it doesn't exist, supress all errors
Write-Host "Creating MDT language code subfolder:" $mdt_dir -ForegroundColor Green
New-Item -path ($mdt_path + "\" + $w10_rel) -enable "True" -Name $lan -Comments "" -ItemType "Folder" 2>$null
# Create subfolders
Write-Host "Creating language code subfolder:" $sub_dir -ForegroundColor Green
New-Item -ItemType Directory -Force -Path $sub_dir
#Find language packages and copy them to subfolders
Write-Host "Copying" $lan "source files to " $sub_dir -ForegroundColor Green
Get-ChildItem $src_dir -force | Where-Object {$ -like '*-' + $lan + '*' -or $ -like '*_' + $lan + '.cab'} |Copy-Item -Destination $sub_dir -Force #-Verbose
#Remove Retail-Demo package
Write-Host "Removing" $lan "RetailDemo package file..." -ForegroundColor Green
Get-ChildItem $sub_dir -force | Where-Object {$ -like '*RetailDemo*'} | Remove-Item -Force
#Import language packages into MDT
Write-Host "Importing" $lan "language package files into MDT..." -ForegroundColor Green
import-mdtpackage -path $mdt_dir -SourcePath $sub_dir #-Verbose