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AdmiringWorm's automatic chocolatey packages using AU
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AdmiringWorm's Chocolatey Community packages

All Contributors

Liberapay donations

Automatic Chocolatey Packages built by appveyor

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If you have any issues with one of the packages hosted in this repository, please feel free to open an issue (preferred instead of using Contact Maintainers on, or jump into my gitter channel.

This repository contains chocolatey automatic packages. The repository is setup so that you can manage your packages entirely from the GitHub web interface (using AppVeyor to update and push packages) and/or using the local repository copy.


To run locally you will need:

Create a package

To create a new package see Creating the package updater script.

Testing the package

In a package directory run: Test-Package. This function can be used to start testing in chocolatey-test-environment via Vagrant parameter or it can test packages locally.

Automatic package update

Single package

Run from within the directory of the package to update that package:

cd <package_dir>

If this script is missing, the package is not automatic. Set $au_Force = $true prior to script call to update the package even if no new version is found.

Multiple packages

To update all packages run ./update_all.ps1. It accepts few options:

./update_all.ps1 -Name a*                         # Update all packages which name start with letter 'a'
./update_all.ps1 -ForcedPackages 'cpu-z copyq'    # Update all packages and force cpu-z and copyq
./update_all.ps1 -ForcedPackages 'copyq:1.2.3'    # Update all packages but force copyq with explicit version
./update_all.ps1 -Root 'c:\packages'              # Update all packages in the c:\packages folder

The following global variables influence the execution of update_all.ps1 script if set prior to the call:

$au_NoPlugins = $true        #Do not execute plugins
$au_Push      = $false       #Do not push to chocolatey

You can also call AU method Update-AUPackages (alias updateall) on its own in the repository root. This will just run the updater for the each package without any other option from update_all.ps1 script. For example to force update of all packages with a single command execute:

updateall -Options ([ordered]@{ Force = $true })

Pushing To Community Repository Via Commit Message

You can force package update and push using git commit message. AppVeyor build is set up to pass arguments from the commit message to the ./update_all.ps1 script.

If commit message includes [AU <forced_packages>] message on the first line, the forced_packages string will be sent to the updater.


  • [AU pkg1 pkg2]

Force update ONLY packages pkg1 and pkg2.

  • [AU pkg1:ver1 pkg2 non_existent]

Force pkg1 and use explicit version ver1, force pkg2 and ignore non_existent.

To see how versions behave when package update is forced see the force documentation.

You can also push manual packages with command [PUSH pkg1 ... pkgN]. This works for any package anywhere in the file hierarchy and will not invoke AU updater at all.

If there are no changes in the repository use --allow-empty git parameter:

git commit -m '[AU copyq less:2.0]' --allow-empty
git push


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Eric Nielsen
Eric Nielsen

Rui Lopes
Rui Lopes

Paul Broadwith
Paul Broadwith

🐛 💻
Shaun Walbridge
Shaun Walbridge

Tyler Szabo
Tyler Szabo

🤔 💻
Christian Schuerer-Waldheim
Christian Schuerer-Waldheim

🐛 💻



Jim Hester
Jim Hester

📖 💻

John Vandenberg
John Vandenberg

Frank Kintrup
Frank Kintrup


This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

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