Based on cards played, detect what deck opponent is playing
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Hearthstone MetaDetector

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This Hearthstone Deck Tracker plugin tries to detect what deck your opponent is playing based on the cards played. Cards are compared with the most popular decks available on and the closest matching decks are displayed. Decks are regulary updated and plugin automatically downloads the latest deck lists and stats from Deck ranks are based on how often a certain deck is played in the current meta.


  1. Download the latest version from
  2. Then unzip the release into the HDT Plugins directory; this directory can be opened through Hearthstone Deck Tracker > Options > Tracker > Plugins > Plugins Folder or go to %AppData%\HearthstoneDeckTracker\Plugins
  3. The directory should look like Plugins/MetaDetector/[some files]
  4. Enable the plugin from Options > Tracker > Plugins. You can use both MetaStats and MetaDetector together now.
  5. If the plugin does not show up in that list, right click 'MetaDetector.dll', go into Properties and click "Unblock" at the bottom.