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DisplayLink driver installer for Debian and Ubuntu based Linux distributions: Debian, Ubuntu, Elementary OS, Mint, Kali, Deepin and many more! Full list of all supported platforms

Why do I need displaylink-debian?

DisplayLink releases its drivers only for Ubuntu xx.04 LTS. Hence if you run any other Ubuntu version or any other Linux distribution DisplayLink will not work as expected.

displaylink-debian allows seamless installation of the official DisplayLink drivers tailored to work for most of the Debian based Linux distributions regardless of which Linux kernel version (>4.15) you're using.

How to run "displaylink-debian"

Repo clone

sudo apt-get install git

git clone

cd displaylink-debian/ && sudo ./

After installation has been completed, make sure to consult Post Install Guide!

Post installation Guide and Troubleshooting

Please note: Your external monitor/s may not work as expected unless you perform additional steps as described in the Post Installation Guide.

Before submitting a bug report in the issue tracker, please make sure to:

Supported platforms are:

  • Debian: Jessie 8.0/Stretch 9.0/Buster 10/Bullseye 11/Bookworm (testing)/Sid (unstable)
  • Ubuntu: 14.04 Trusty - 22.04 Jammy
  • elementary OS: 0.3 Freya- 6.1 Jolnir
  • Mint: 15 Olivia / 21 Vanessa
  • LMDE: 2 Betsy - 5 Elsie
  • Kali: kali-rolling/2016.2/2017.3/2018.3/2018.4/2022.1
  • Deepin: stable - unstable
  • UOS: apricot - eagle
  • MX Linux: 17.1/18
  • BunsenLabs: Helium - Lithium
  • Parrot: 4.5 - 5+
  • Devuan: ASCII - Chimaera
  • Pop!_OS: 20.04 Focal - 22.04 Jammy
  • PureOS: 9 Amber - 10 Byzantium
  • Nitrux: nitrux
  • Zorin: focal

Regardless of which Linux kernel version (>4.15) you're using.

If your distribution or version is not on the list, make sure to include debug information by running: sudo ./ --debug and submit a request to add support for it.


  • downloads and extracts the contents of the official DisplayLink Ubuntu driver.

  • modifies the contents of the official installer,, makes all necessary changes for DisplayLink to work out of box on supported Linux distribution.

  • Install/Reinstall/Uninstall is performed.


Donate (PayPal or Bitcoin)

Since I'm working on this project in free time without any support or reimbursement from DisplayLink, and have saved some 100$. Please consider supporting this project by making a donation of any amount!