DisplayLink driver installer for Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, Elementary OS, Mint and Kali Linux.


DisplayLink releases its drivers only for Ubuntu 14.04, and latest kernel version they support is 3.19.


  • Allows you to seamlessly install/uninstall DisplayLink drivers on Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu and elementary OS.

How? Just run the script! (as sudo)

sudo ./

  • Downloads and extracts contents of original [DisplayLink Ubuntu driver] (>)

  • will modify contents of original and customize it for Debian. After which install/uninstall is performed.

  • Supported platforms are:

    • Debian: Jessie 8.0/Stretch 9.0/Sid (unstable)
    • Ubuntu: 14.04 Trusty/15.04 Vivid/15.10 Wily/16.04 Xenial/16.10 Yakkety/17.04 Zesty
    • elementary OS: O.3 Freya/0.4 Loki
    • Mint: 15 Olivia/16 Petra/17.3 Rosa/18 Sarah
    • Kali: 2016.2/kali-rolling

    Regardless of which kernel version you're using.

Post installation Guide and Troubleshooting

Please refer to Post Installation Guide for further reference.

Before submitting an issue, please make sure you've seen Troubleshooting most common issues.


Blog post: Kernel agnostic, DisplayLink Debian GNU/Linux driver installer (Jessie/Stretch/Sid)