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SocialResourceProvider Tools

A home for tools for managing data in SRP. Each tool will be in its own bundle so they can be installed individually. If all tools are wanted, the package can be used.

Currently, this only contains a servlet that lets customers delete all UGC from any SRP

For example "curl -X POST http://localhost:4502/services/social/srp/cleanup?path=/content/usergenerated/asi/cloud -uadmin:admin" will delete everything under /content/usergenerated/asi/cloud. By default, things will be deleted in batches of approximately 100 items (it may not be exactly 100 because it tries to be intelligent about deleting subtrees.) This can be modified with the optional batchSize parameter (eg, batchSize=200 will do batches of 200). The tool will only delete data from the currently configured SRP, and the user passed in must have the right to read and delete the data.

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