Frontend Library for calling the Marketing Cloud APIs
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Marketing Cloud Javascript SDK

A frontend library for calling the Marketing Cloud APIs

See index.html for an example of calling the marketing cloud APIs using javascript.

$ git clone
$ cd marketing-cloud-javascript-sdk/
$ open index.html

This provides you with a simple form to call the Marketing Cloud APIs.


Include the marketing_cloud.js and wsse.js to utilize the methods below


Call the APIs using the MarketingCloud object and makeRequest method (requires jQuery)

/* requires wsse.js, marketing_cloud.js, and jQuery */
var username = 'YOUR_USERNAME';
var secret   = 'YOUR_SECRET';
var method   = 'Company.GetReportSuites'
var params   = {};
var endpoint = '';

MarketingCloud.makeRequest(username, secret, method, params, endpoint, function(response) {
    alert('API Response: ' + response.responseText);

Generate the auth headers to call the APIs using the Wsse object and generateAuth method (jQuery not required):

/* requires wsse.js only */
var wsse = new Wsse();
var headers = wsse.generateAuth(username, secret);

// do your own API call here