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Tracking deep links

You can use this information to track deep and deferred deep links in your mobile apps by using the Adobe Mobile Android SDK.

Tracking deep links

  1. Add the SDK to your project and implement Lifecycle metrics.

    For more information, see Add the SDK and Config File to your IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse Project in Core Implementation and Lifecycle.

  2. Register the application to handle URLs.

    For more information, see URLs.

  3. Pass Activity with deep link intent to Adobe SDK by using collectLifecycleData.

    Here is a sample track deep link:

    public class ParseDeepLinkActivity extends Activity { 
        protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { 

The Adobe Mobile SDK can parse key and value pairs of data that is appended to any Deep or Universal Link as long as the link contains a key with the label and a corresponding non-null and user-generated value. All key and value pairs of data that are appended to the link will be parsed, attached to a lifecycle hit, and sent to Adobe Analytics as long as the link contains the key and value.

Additionally, you might append one or more of the following reserved keys (with user-generated values) to the deep or Universal Link:

  • a.launch.campaign.trackingcode
  • a.launch.campaign.source
  • a.launch.campaign.medium
  • a.launch.campaign.term
  • a.launch.campaign.content

These keys are pre-mapped variables for reporting in Adobe Analytics. For more information on mapping and processing rules, see Processing Rules and Context Data.

Tracking deferred deep links (for use with Marketing Links)

With a deferred deep link, the Adobe SDK will open a new Intent with the deep link as the intent data. This process is handled as an external deep link using the code above.

Deep link public information


 * Used for message deep link tracking
 * Key for deep link URL. 
public static final String ADB_MESSAGE_DEEPLINK_KEY = "adb_deeplink";