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Setting the user's opt status

This information helps you with a GDPR data deletion request.

Important: Starting with Android SDK 4.15 , setting the privacy status to unknown holds Audience Manager and Experience Cloud ID hits.

You can control whether the Analytics, Target, and Audience Manager activity is allowed on a device by using the following settings:

  • privacyDefault in ADBMobile JSON Config.

    This setting controls the initial setting that persists until it is changed in the code.

  • The Config.setPrivacyStatus method.

    After the privacy setting is changed by using this method, this change remains effective until you change it again or when you uninstall and install the app again. For more information about the methods, see Configuration Methods.

The following table describes each privacy status:

  • Opt in

    • Analytics: Hits are sent.
    • Target: Mbox requests are sent.
    • Audience Manager: Signals and ID syncs are sent.
    • Value in the JSON Config file: optedin
    • Value in setPrivacyStatus: MOBILE_PRIVACY_STATUS_OPT_IN
  • Opt out

    • Analytics: Hits are discarded.
    • Target: Mbox requests are not allowed.
    • Audience Manager: Signals and ID syncs are not allowed.
    • Value in the JSON config file: optedout
    • Value in setPrivacyStatus: MOBILE_PRIVACY_STATUS_OPT_OUT
  • Unknown

    • Analytics: If offline tracking enabled, hits are saved until the privacy status changes to opt-in (hits are sent) or opt-out (hits are discarded).

      If offline tracking is not enabled, hits are discarded until the privacy status changes to opt-in.

    • Target: Mbox requests are sent.

    • Audience Manager: Signals and ID syncs are sent.

    • Value in the JSON config file: optunknown

    • Value in setPrivacyStatus: MOBILE_PRIVACY_STATUS_UNKNOWN


public void setOptIn(View view) { 
 currentStatus = Config.getPrivacyStatus(); 
public void setOptOut(View view) { 
 currentStatus = Config.getPrivacyStatus(); 
public void setOptUnknown(View view) { 
 currentStatus = Config.getPrivacyStatus();