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PII postbacks

You can use the Adobe SDK to collect personally identifiable information (PII) and send it to a third-party endpoint.

When you want to use the Adobe SDK to collect PII, you should send a track PII call. Although using this call enables collection of PII data, the SDK does not automatically send the data to any Adobe endpoint. A PII type postback needs to be configured with the appropriate endpoint.

Tip: An endpoint that supports HTTPS is required to use the PII postback type.

Tracking PII postbacks

  1. Add the library to your project and implement lifecycle.

    For more information, see Add the SDK and Config File to your Project in Core Implementation and Lifecycle.

  2. Import the library:

    #import "ADBMobile.h"
  3. When you are ready to capture PII, call trackPII to send a hit for this action, event, or view:

    [ADBMobile collectPII data:nil];