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Release notes

Here is the release notes, known issues, and hot fix information for iOS SDKs 4.x for Experience Cloud Solutions:

April 13, 2021: Version 4.21.2

  • Visitor ID Service - Fixed an issue where empty advertising identifiers were synced to the Visitor ID Service.

January 13, 2021: Version 4.21.1

  • General - Fixed an issue that could cause SQLite exceptions during app shut down.

December 15, 2020: Version 4.21.0

  • General - The SDK is now distributed using XCFrameworks in order to support hardware with the new Apple M1 architecture while maintaining support for existing Intel architecture.
    • IMPORTANT: Upgrading to AdobeMobile XCFrameworks requires Xcode 12.0 or newer
    • IMPORTANT: If using Cocoapods, upgrading to AdobeMobile XCFrameworks requires Cocoapods 1.10.0 or newer

November 4, 2020: Version 4.20.0

  • Visitor ID Service - Added device_consent status parameter when setAdvertisingIdentifier is called after ad tracking is enabled/disabled.
  • Analytics - Fixed a bug that was delaying Analytics hits from being sent on an install when iAd.framework is linked and the device has "Limited Ad Tracking" enabled.

July 16, 2020: Version 4.19.3

  • General – Fixed a bug that prevented deeplink URLs with multiple equals sign in query param from being properly handled.

March 24, 2020: Version 4.19.2

  • General - Fixed some leaks in Target code.

March 12, 2020: Version 4.19.1

  • General - Resolved a potential crash caused when Swift enums are included in context data for tracking calls.
  • Target – Target Session Id will now be added as a context data parameter ‘’ in the internal Analytics for Target hit sent to Adobe Analytics.

Feburary 4, 2020: Version 4.19.0

  • Lifecycle - Added a new API, pauseCollectingLifecycleData, to mitigate the abnormal session length data that was reported from some old iOS devices.

November 8, 2019: Version 4.18.9

  • In App Messaging - Fixed a bug where cached or bundled images could not be loaded in the full screen messages.

September 20, 2019: Version 4.18.8

  • In App Messaging:

    • On devices running iOS 10 or newer, the UserNotifications framework is now used to schedule local notifications for apps that are linked to the UserNotifications.framework.
    • Fullscreen messages now use WKWebViews from WebKit.framework, which must be linked in your Xcode project.
    • Fixed a bug where the Push click-through payload could not be used as traits for In-App Messaging.
    • Fixed a crash issue.
  • General - Fixed a bug where SDK data was synchronized to the paired watchOS app on every Analytics call.

August 2, 2019: Version 4.18.7

  • Reverted a change that was introduced in version 4.18.6 which, in some environments, caused a crash on devices that were running an iOS version older than 11.0.

  • Adobe Target: Added the requestLocationParameters property in ADBTargetRequestObject, which enables the impressionId to be sent with Target requests.

July 18, 2019: Version 4.18.6

  • Adobe Target: All requests now include the client and the sessionId in the URL query parameters.

  • Adobe Target: Fixed a memory leak.

  • Visitor ID Service: The visitorAppendToURL and visitorGetUrlVariablesAsync APIs no longer double-encode their return values.

    The double-encoding was causing the return values from those APIs to be flagged by certain security reviews.

June 5, 2019: Version 4.18.5

  • Analytics - Append push opt-in status to Lifecycle data when push notifications are enabled.

May 24, 2019: Version 4.18.4

  • Visitor ID Service - Increased the return timeout for the visitorGetUrlVariablesAsync API to 30 seconds.

  • Visitor ID Service - The setPushIdentifier API call now sends a sync call to the Visitor ID Service every time it is called.

For more information about the current and past release notes for all solutions, see Adobe Experience Cloud Release Notes.