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Unity Plug-in for the iOS and Android 4.x SDKs

This Plug-in lets you send Adobe Analytics calls from your Unity applications.

Last Update: March 10, 2020

Getting started

Download the ADBMobile.unitypackage file from GitHub.

Below are the contents of the ADBMobile.unitypackage file:

  • Assets (root)

    • ADBMobile

    • Plugins

      • ADBMobile.cs

      • Android

        • adobeMobileLibrary-{version}.jar

        • AndroidManifest.xml

        • assets

          • ADBMobileConfig.json
      • iOS

        • ADBMobile.h
        • ADBMobileConfig.json
        • ADBMobileWrapper.h
        • AdobeMobileLibrary.a

Optional folders: The Demo folder contains Unity scenes and sample code.

Importing the ADBMobile plug-in to your Unity project

  1. Open your Unity project.
  2. Double-click ADBMobile.unitypackage.
  3. Select the folders that you want to import.