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Client Credentials Grant

Use this when you (the developer) are the user and want to access the data. This is the most common type of application.

Before you set up your OAuth client, make sure you

  • Have valid Adobe ID credentials.
  • Have access to the Marketing Cloud.

Step 1: Link your Analytics account to your Adobe ID

Refer to this section.

Step 2: Create an application in Developer Connection

Refer to this section.

Step 3: Save the application ID (client Id) and the application secrecy (client secret).

Step 4: Request a Token

Make a request to with the following parameters:

Get Parameter Description
client_id The client ID is defined when you register your app.
client_secret The client secret is defined when you register your app.
grant_type=client credentials Obtain an access token for the user using the Client Credentials grant type. $ curl -i -v "" -u 'YOUR_CLIENT_ID:YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET' -d "grant_type=client_credentials"

The response will be an access_token which contains the user identity associated with the Client Credentials supplied, and can be used to access the Experience Cloud APIs

{"access_token":"1377794057309-32431c48-1de8-46cd-a204-ef10594c01a6","client_id":"OAuth Demo Application","user_id":"002D48475194FBF10A490D04@AdobeID","expires":1377880457,"scope":null,"success":true}

Step 5: Authenticate Using the Access Token

Refer to this section.

Parent topic: Obtain an Access Token

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