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Error Codes

Describes the error codes sent by Analytics Live Stream.

Error Code Description
302 Found. The URL is valid. However, you are being asked to redirect to a different location. Please connect to the URL specified in the HTTP Location header. More information about the 302 redirect can be found at HTTP 302.
400 Bad request, invalid max connections. Verify that you have specified between 1 and 8 connections in the maxConnections parameter.
401 Unauthorized. Verify your access token is correct and that you have permission to access the stream.
404 Not found, likely due to an invalid stream URL.
405 Invalid request type. Only HTTP GET requests are accepted. Verify that you are requesting your stream via HTTP GET.
406 Compression was not enabled on the request (compression is required). Make sure your request contains the Accept-Encoding: gzip HTTP header.
409 Conflict. Either Maximum connections reached for this stream, or Invalid connection count specified. Check the error_description in the JSON response for details. Verify that you have specified between 1 and 8 connections in the maxConnections parameter, that each connection includes this parameter and value, and that you have not exceeded this number of connections.
500 Internal server problems. Please contact support.
503 No hits have been received through Livestream processing. Try again in a few minutes, and ensure that the attached report suite is receiving data through data collection.
505 Invalid protocol. Only version HTTP/1.1 is supported.
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