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This SDK is for iOS apps to support Adonit's line of Bluetooth-connected devices:
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#Adonit SDK for iOS v3.5

##Overview The Adonit iOS SDK is a free framework for iOS that provides you with the necessary tools to integrate a complete sketching experience in your apps when used with Adonit's line of Bluetooth connected styluses. It includes support for for the following features:

  • Pressure Sensitivity
  • Shortcut Buttons
  • Palm Rejection
  • Settings UI
  • Battery Level

##How do I use it? Integrating with the Adonit iOS SDK is easy. Get up and running in no time by viewing our wiki.

##What versions of iOS are Supported? The Adonit SDK for iOS currently supports iOS 8.x and above.

##Reporting Bugs If you’ve uncovered a bug or have any feedback let us know by sending us an email to

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