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This repo has moved to AdoptOpenJDK as it's more appropriate.

This is the source code for the Java 9 Gamified hackathon that was done on the 4'th of June 2016 at the Jozi-JUG.

Steps for testing

For proper use

  • Issue your domain a certificate from letencypt.
  • Update
  • Add firewall rules to redirect 8080 -> 80 and 8443 -> 443.
  • shell in a box is required for the JEP 286 demo. It's nice to show even if the JEP does not make Java 9.
  • can create users on the shell in a box machine.


  • It's 'hard coded' that users use Java 9 build 120-129, but update the unit test io.r3k.hackathon.hvcjava9.controllers.SubmitControllerTest if that is not the case.
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