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AdoptOpenJDK - HomeBrew TAP

Build Status


brew cask install adoptopenjdk

Other Versions:

brew tap AdoptOpenJDK/openjdk
brew cask install <version>


Java Version JDK JRE
OpenJDK8 with Hotspot JVM adoptopenjdk8 adoptopenjdk8-jre
OpenJDK8 with OpenJ9 JVM adoptopenjdk8-openj9 adoptopenjdk8-openj9-jre
OpenJDK9 with Hotspot JVM adoptopenjdk9 n/a
OpenJDK10 with Hotspot JVM adoptopenjdk10 n/a
OpenJDK11 with Hotspot JVM adoptopenjdk11 adoptopenjdk11-jre
OpenJDK11 with OpenJ9 JVM adoptopenjdk11-openj9 n/a