Site that mimics the spirit of to encourage users to move to the latest and greatest Java!
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Alpha Site

Build Status

This GitHub repo serves as the source code for site built by the community that mimics the spirit of That is, to encourage users to move to the latest and greatest Java!

It's being built on Java 8 and Java EE7 and is hosted on Jelastic by Layershift.

See the Wiki on how to get started as a developer and other useful information.

As well as the map with global percentages, a simple message will be shown to users similar to the following::

"15 years ago an amazing language was born. Its name was Java. Now that we’re in 2013, the world has changed and Java along with it! For Java versions 4, 5, 6 and 7, it’s time to say goodbye.

This website and its community are dedicated to helping Java 4, 5 & 6 usage drop to less than 1% worldwide, so hundreds of millions of users are safer and 9-10 million developers are more productive.

*Move to the latest version of Java 8 today!"

An addendum for some enterprises will also be displayed:

"If you really can't move today, then at least get a support contract for Java in business license from Oracle so that you and your customers are kept safe."

Forks and Pull Requests to complete this site are welcome!