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NOTE: This repo is now deprecated/archived as runs both and using vendor properties as a filter to do the correct thing on each domain.

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AdoptOpenJDK API

NOTICE: AdoptOpenJDK API v1 has now been removed. If you are using v1 please move to the latest version (documented below) as soon as possible.

NOTICE: AdoptOpenJDK API v2 has been deprecated and will be removed. If you are using v2 please move to the latest version (documented below) as soon as possible.


The AdoptOpenJDK API provides a way to consume JSON information about the AdoptOpenJDK releases and nightly builds.
Sign up to the mailing list where major API updates will be announced, and visit to find out more about the community.

To learn more about how we build & run the API, check out and the FAQs.


The API is documented via swagger. The swagger documentation can be viewed at: swagger-ui. The open api definition for this can be viewed at openapi.

For more information, including example queries, please look at

Who's using the AdoptOpenJDK API?

The AdoptOpenJDK API has served over 200 million downloads by a wide variety consumers, from individuals to organisations.

Check the Download Statistics Dashboard for the latest numbers.

The following list highlights a small subset of consumers and their use-cases:

  • AdoptOpenJDK Website - the API drives the release listings on the AdoptOpenJDK website allowing individuals to download the JDK distribution of their choice
  • AdoptOpenJDK Docker Images - the API is used during the creation of the various official & unofficial Docker images
  • Gradle - the Gradle project defaults to use the API for its toolchains feature
  • Update Watcher for AdoptOpenJDK - uses the API to automatically manage the JDK installations on an individual's machine