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This project crawls and rips entire tumblr image blogs into a local cache, and provides a flexible interface to navigate through the store images.

Screenshot :



It is something of a re-implementation of the Tumblr Collage chrome extension, which I felt became too unstable on larger image sites. The browser-based nature of the original extension means it wasn't really possible to implement things I really wanted, like saving your current location in a large collection of images.

This is also just a little demo project I built to experiment with a number of technologies I had my eye on for a while, so don't expect much in the way of support.

It consists of :

  1. CouchDB database, with all images as attachments.
  2. Elasticsearch used to index and query the data. (Indexes the couch documents via the couchdb river)
  3. Node.js based proxy, that mostly is a straight pass-through to ES/Couch.
  4. CouchApp to host the UI. (my first)
  5. based scraping back-end, allowing multi-threaded mirroring of sites. (my first)
  6. Angular based front end (my first)

It also uses :

  1. Yeoman used for the couchapp generator (my first time using)
  2. Bower used for client-side dependencies, as I'm usually a browserify guy (my first time)
  3. Grunt used for complex build processes (my first time using for non-trivial things)
  4. Masonry based cascading grid layout (my first time using)
  5. ngInfiniteScroll for infinite scrolling (my first time using)



  1. couchdb running on localhost:5984
  2. elasticsearch running on localhost:9200
  3. node.js + npm


# how to get said requirements running : 

# get the osx command line tools first
# either from, or from xcode.

# install homebrew
ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

# install elastic search
brew install elasticsearch
plugin -install elasticsearch/elasticsearch-river-couchdb/1.2.0

# install couch db from the package on

# install nvm for node
touch ~/.profile
curl | sh
source ~/.nvm/

# install node
nvm install 0.10
nvm use 0.10

Actual installation:

npm install -g grunt-cli bower

# check out this repo
git checkout 'whatever'
cd browsr

# main app
npm install

# couch app
cd couch-app
npm install
bower install

# build an pushes app to couchdb

# run the main node app
cd ..
node index.js

How to use:

application should now be listening on localhost:5000

to download blogs, either use the command line :

cd $browsrDir tumblr sitename [start] [amount] [perbatch]

//ex: tumblr jl8comic 1 200 10

this is also mounted on localhost, so you can access the following to do the same :


I use a bookmarklet to do that.


MIT license.


  1. Better initiation of download tasks, rather than cli or url hacking
  2. Show completion status of download tasks
  3. Store download task history for future re-init.
  4. Schedule regular fetching of specific tasks.
  5. Configure right-click-action to have 'favorite' and 'tag' modes.
  6. Figure out how to set a proper 'lastSeen' tag on multiple images at once.
  7. Integrate with tumblr api through the passport-tumblr auth strategy. Should sync likes and follows.


a tumblr picture blog browser / mirror'er..




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